If there is anything that this pandemic has made clear, it is that our perception of what is safe, stable, and secure is anything but!

YOU are your guarantee. YOU are the key to unlocking and calling in the wealth you desire.


If you have found me, you know I am all about BELIEF and INTENTION and that for me DECIDING is the most important action you can take.  


So, I don’t need to convince you. You will either resonate or not.    




I’m an online entrepreneur in the spiritual space, so I will be talking about that a lot in this mastermind. But the TRUE purpose here is to shift people out of their fucked up money stories and create a container where they can shed their programming and conditioning and reclaim their financial destinies...  



I wish I could tell you that you could do wealth consciousness work FOR FREE and shift these patterns, but it’s just not true.




And…this mastermind is purposely accessible.


I have other mid to high-end offers to shift this patterning and programming and perhaps once you have a solid foundation you will choose to do one of those as well.  


I wanted to create a space for people that are ready to shift EVEN if they can’t invest thousands of dollars into a program.  


So it’s a monthly commitment, to show The Universe, YOU and me that you are serious about doing the work.


For a LIMITED time, you can join The Wealth Alchemy Mastermind a founder for a special rate of $44 US/month.


Yes, you read that right! Only $44/month!




You can cancel anytime. No commitments. Because I know the tremendous value that will be offered here.

Why work with ME?  


It’s simple. I’m THE WEALTH WITCH. This is MY purpose. I won’t accept anything less than you exceeding your expectations. I hold a fucking EPIC container. I’m divinely guided and ridiculously psychically gifted. People that work with me SHIFT, EXPAND, MAKE MONEY.  


I want to see you succeed. In fact, I DEMAND your success.  


What you get:


💰Weekly Exclusive Content & Training
💰A Monthly Zoom Coaching Call⁣
💰A Monthly Q&A Session ⁣
💰Wealth Paradigm Downloads⁣
💰Wealth Activations⁣
💰A Mastermind chat like-minded community


You aren’t doing this Mastermind for the content, you are doing it for the Transmissions.  






If you didn’t participate AT ALL you would STILL be benefitting energetically.


There is nothing else out there like this right now.  


And I'm giving it to you for practically FREE!


This mastermind is a gift of endless resources some are easy to integrate like Leah’s quick little daily reflections and some take practice to integrate like being disciplined enough to find time to watch videos or journal every day. However before you know it, while you're wondering if anything is working, your life has already begun to change. Drastically. I feel like I've embraced just a small portion of what is offered here, however, those little bits have been AMAZING. I do my yoga and journalling to Leah’s playlists. I am in such a state of awe and gratitude just merely from tracking my income and desires and journalling consistently as they have allowed me to see just how magnetic my life already is and can be. With Leah’s journalling techniques I'm finding myself eager to gift myself that time every day to reaffirm who I am and where I am going which feels really powerful. And then Leah adds little snippets that are constant reminders that I am finally choosing wealth. And they get me thinking constantly, routinely about how to break free of old self-sabotaging behaviors. More importantly, Leah and this mastermind have given me permission to seek my desires. The really big ones that dreams are made of. Some of the things on my long term desire list I've only dared to dream are possible since joining this mastermind. And to think I've only watched two videos so far! Basically I'm in love with this decision and this container and would highly recommend it to anyone thinking about joining. 💫




I have found this mastermind to be my daily dose of energetic and emotional grounding not just around wealth but life. It's like a daily dose of Leah kicking butt to mind your mind and mouth around your energy to do with wealth and financial abundance. AND at a price point that no one can say no too ❤️




Join us in The Wealth Alchemy Mastermind straight away if you want to take your life to the next level. Seriously since I've been in this group I have made drastic changes! I journal, connect like never before, and learned more about myself as I applied some non-negotiable daily things Leah advised us to do. I also now do 30 min of wealth consciousness per day and I love it! A few clients unexpectedly paid me MORE than what I've asked for which is FANTASTIC 😍😍. Feels like just being in this energetic container is upgrading me! ✨I also shifted some deep (money-related) limiting beliefs I had! And I probably wouldn't be aware of them without Leah! So THANK YOU, Leah! You're amazing. And only 22$ to have your guidance, help & prompts everyday?? It’s NOTHING for what you're giving us. Thank you again! 


Here is just a TASTE of the epic content being shared in the Wealth Alchemy Mastermind:

‘It is so easy to pick up on the fear and perceived limitations in the collective consciousness right now. Even if you are not feeling particularly limited, those collective thoughts can really bring us down. ⁣

The thing is that it is insidious; you do not even realize that you do not fully see all of the possibilities you have right now. ⁣

So the question becomes: how do we open our eyes so that we do not miss the opportunities that are surrounding us at this very moment?⁣

When this pandemic started happening, I realized that I was not pushing sales. It was not a conscious decision that I made, but I realized I was being affected by the collective.⁣

But this is not "just the way that things are right now." NO. ⁣

The world is the way it is because we are allowing it to be. We are ultimately the ones in power, the ones who get to make a decision. ⁣

Those of you who are entrepreneurs, the world needs your services right now. If you find yourself playing small because of the fear pandemic, go back to WHY you do what you do. Ask yourself:⁣

What is in my heart?⁣
What is the mission and the vision behind the work I am here to do?⁣

If you go into each offer you make completely clear on your vision and where your heart is, no amount of collective consciousness doubt or belief is going to be able to overpower you.⁣

Your heart is not driven by money; your heart is driven by service.

So I ask you: what is in your heart to manifest and why? How will that ripple out to create change in the world?"



The content that I am sharing in The Wealth Alchemy Mastermind is here to empower people to create a new wealth paradigm for themselves. This includes questioning everything that the current financial establishment is telling us is true.

As you know, there are big changes that need to be made in the world right now. I believe that we are at the forefront of seeing those changes take place. And I want a safe space to be able to share my views real, raw, and uncensored with you.

As a result, I started a free Telegram channel called The Wealth Witch Channel (that will continue) that I’m absolutely in love with. Telegram also has the ability to facilitate paid monthly subscriptions. So I decided to house the mastermind in Telegram.


This allows us so much more freedom, including protected and encrypted conversations and sharing of content. Telegram is not influenced nor owned in any way by the global financial elite.


This is why I’ve chosen to do it there.



I’m Leah Steele - The Wealth Witch. I am a Wealth Alchemist, Spiritual Business Coach, Emotional Resonance Clearing Practitioner, and Soul Diviner.  

My purpose is to inspire and empower missions of people to wake up, repattern their wealth programming, and reclaim their divine right to BE WEALTHY in all areas of their lives. The word wealthy comes from two words WELL and HEALTHY. I teach holistic wealth as a means to simultaneously achieve infinite divine and human potential.  


Part of my divine mission work is to deconstruct the financial slavery consciousness that serves the global financial agenda. My cutting edge wealth repatterning programs are paving the way to a new global wealth paradigm where financial freedom is the reality.  


Financial freedom is unique to each person. Your soul already knows your path. You are here to create a heaven on earth experience. I am honored to create radically transformative containers for you to deconstruct your conditioning around money, repattern your wealth programming, and consciously create a beautiful relationship with money.  


Remember, it is your divine right to be wealthy!  


Join me and shift your wealth paradigm!

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